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If you are thinking about buying new home or property, you’ve come to the right place. The following sections are resources for you in order to help you purchase something that fits your needs in the best possible manner.
Real Estate Market Information
This link will take you to a site with a lot of great information about the real estate market, and how things work.  I am happy to discuss any topic with you, any time, with no obligation.  I am here to help you to understand the process and to make sound decisions when making real estate purchases and sales. 
Quick Reference on Buying  a Home
 The following link will provide you with a quick reference guide to the ten steps you need to take to get ready to buy your new home!
Buyer's Guides 
I have provided you with some guides that provide useful information to consider when buying a home called Thing to Consider When Buying a Home. They are available in English and Spanish and can be found by clicking on the following links:
Once You Have Your Loan 
Once you have been approved for  your loan, you need to be making careful budget decisions.  You may want to buy new furniture for your new home, or a new washer or dryer.  But, your credit report is subject to being pulled right up until the point the loan is funded.  So I have attached a list of Seven Deadly Sins that you should be careful of when you are buying your home in the following link:
Moving Up/Downsizing 
Whether you are looking to buy a bigger home to meet your growing needs, or you are downsizing because your need for that extra space is just not there anymore, let's talk.  If you agree to work with me to buy your new home, I can work with you to negotiate a commission that may make it more attractive for you to make the move today, rather than wait.  With the rising housing costs, so many people feel trapped in their homes because the costs of the  new homes are more than what they can afford.  If you will agree to hire me to act as your agent to buy your new home with you, I may be able to save you some money on the sale of your old house so you can get into the right home for your needs.  Call me today so we can talk!

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